International Matters related to Iran

1- Legal services for Iranian Abroad:

BAM Law Firm considers settlement and follow-up of legal affairs of Iranians abroad on whatsoever level a fully specialized matter and believes that each case requires experience, knowledge, and first-class attorneys-at-law specialized in different areas as well as command of consular legal issues.

BAM Law Firm adopts a fully different approach to current legal affairs in Iran and examines legal affairs of Iranians abroad from different aspects, and to achieve best results based on complexities of each case, considers all aspects thereto appertaining with a specialized approach.

The Firm enjoys knowledge and specialty of attorneys-at-law which result in precise consideration of all legal cases delegated to this firm in an up-to-date and professional manner to achieve best and fastest possible solutions for cases of Iranians abroad, and finally achieve the best result.

BAM Law firm to assure Iranians abroad in terms of follow-up and lodging process of claims, forwards clear and documented reports to them including full details of all stages of work being done and processed before including but not limited to public prosecutor’s office, instance court, appeal court, and rehearing court via email.
Benefitting from legal services provided by Bita Akhavan Modarres, our countrymen abroad will be relaxed regarding handling and following up their legal affairs.
Iranians abroad may delegate their legal affairs to us in the following fields:
  • Family claims (divorce, guardianship, marriage portion, cost of maintenance, quantum meruit, etc.)
  • criminal claims (breach of trust, check, promissory note, forgery, theft, etc.)
  • probate claims (obtaining probate, distribution of inheritance, sealing inheritance, obtaining certificate of growth, obtaining incapacity judgment, appointing guardian and trustee, etc.)
  • legal claims (claiming check, vacating residential, trade, and office properties, lessor and lessee issues, requiring provision of notarial deed of properties, claiming damages, etc.)
  • criminal claims (preparing binding documents including will, inheritance distribution deed, etc.)
  • preparing petition, complaint, writ of execution, executing mortgage deeds
  • preparing all domestic and international contracts (partnership, commercial, contractorship contracts, etc.)