Trade with Iran

Trade with Iran

Trade with Iran

The BAM LawFirm is here to help if you have any issues related to trading with Iran. Despite trade sanctions being eased in January 2016, doing business in Iran is fraught with pitfalls, nuances and complex regulations. We are here to help if you are struggling to apply for a permit to trade with Iran or are unsure of specific Foreign and Iranian law regarding trade between the two countries.

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Trade with Iran


Problems with trade

Despite the easing of economic and financial sanctions, Iran remains a challenging place to do business. Iran has a history of sanctions that stretch back to 1979. The majority of secondary sanctions on Iran were lifted in January 2016 when the historic nuclear agreement with Iran was implemented.

The easing of these sanctions opened up Iran to global trade, and exposed Iran as one of the world’s biggest new markets. However, doing business in Iran is still fraught with difficulty because some complex sanctions are still in place. For instance, exporting certain goods to Iran requires an export licence. It is worth noting that certain goods are prohibited from export too.

Trade with Iran

Since economic and trade sanctions were eased, investment in Iran has increased. However, issues can arise when individuals and organisations attempt to tackle paperwork and regulation within Iran itself. The Iranian government plays an important role in the country’s economy and owns much of the underlying infrastructure. As such, all of this is tightly regulated by the Iranian government.

we are committed to offering a highly professional and personalised service to all of our clients. The regulation around trade with Iran is complex and difficult to tackle, but we will work with you and explain everything you need to know in order to successfully trade with Iran.

Our approach

We believe in putting the customer first. It was established to assist individuals and businesses with numerous issues related to Iran.

We understand how challenging it can be to trade with Iran. We also understand how confusing it can be to navigate your way through lots of regulation. Our team works quickly and efficiently and we always communicate with our clients clearly, taking the time to thoroughly explain everything our clients need to know.

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